Gulf News: 22-year-old expat student wins apartment in Sharjah

28 September 2018

American-Jordanian expat wins after participating in a competition he came across on Instagram

Gulf News: 28 September, 2018

A creative video made by a 22-year-old Sharjah student landed him a brand new one-bedroom apartment in Sharjah, helping him achieve his dream of making the UAE his permanent home.

American-Jordanian expat Mikail Atiyeh could not believe his eyes when he was handed over the keys to his own apartment, after he won a competiion he came across on Instagram.

Uncertain about whether to click the sponsored link by developer Arada announcing a contest with a grand prize of a new apartment in their upcoming Aljada residence project, Atiyeh thought why not take a chance.

It was just another day, I was scrolling through my feed and found this post. I dismissed it at first, but then decided to look at it and I was like wow, you can actually win an apartment by just making a video,” said the University of Sharjah student.

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