chief executive officer's message

“Arada is proud of its association with Sharjah, an Emirate with a growing economy, a long and vibrant history and an exceptional business environment. These are just some of the reasons why we founded Arada, the UAE’s newest developer, in Sharjah earlier this year.

While Sharjah has already seen remarkable successes, we believe there is much more to come. As a builder of new communities that are already attracting interest from all over the world, Arada will play a pivotal role as Sharjah moves towards a confident and bright future.

In a very short space of time, Arada launched its first project, Nasma Residences, which I’m proud to say has already seen record sales, with buyers representing countries from all over the Middle East and beyond. And right now, we are creating Aljada, a long-awaited megaproject that will play a vital role in the next chapter of Sharjah’s long and rich history.

Whether visiting, working, playing, learning or living, Aljada will have something for everyone. But what exactly is Aljada?

Aljada represents Sharjah’s future, while at the same time paying homage to its culture and traditions. Aljada is a destination that will excite and inspire its residents and visitors, a destination where everything is at your fingertips. And Aljada is a place that reflects the true spirit of Sharjah, a place where everyone is welcome.”

Ahmed Alkhoshaibi, Chief Executive Officer