Seven new family-friendly attractions in Sharjah – and five more that are coming soon

11 November 2021

Think you know Sharjah? Think again. The UAE’s third-biggest Emirate has been working hard on building new destinations to keep tourists coming back time and time again.

If you’re looking for a day trip to keep the family happy (and won’t break the bank), take a look at these amazing new attractions! There are seven in total, plus another five that are just around the corner.


The House of Wisdom

Opened to the public last year, the House of Wisdom is just the latest in a long line of beautifully designed cultural landmarks in Sharjah. A futuristic library with plenty of social spaces, cafes and even a garden, The House of Wisdom is a great place to while away a few hours during the hot summer months.



Khorfakkan Amphitheatre

You want a mixture of Roman-Moorish architecture and performance art against the stunning backdrop of one of the UAE’s best views? The new Khorfakkan Amphitheatre has you covered. Opened in December last year with a blockbuster movie about the invasion of the town in the 16th century, the attraction is also located next to a huge waterfall which is cooling off visitors during the summer.




The UAE’s fastest-growing family fun destination, Aljada opened in February 2020 and has already welcomed almost two million visitors. There’s plenty to see and do, including a popular kid’s adventure playground, skatepark and food district with a range of tasty options. The highlight? A free drive-in cinema showing blockbusters every night from 8pm.



Khor Kalba Mangrove Centre

Newly opened in April this year, this is the perfect spot for budding naturalists, birdwatchers and turtle-lovers. Set in east coast seaside city of Kalba, visitors can learn about the impressive biodiversity of the area, see rare kingfishers and take a walk along a nature trail that leads through ancient mangroves.



Nasma Central

A convenient place to grab a snack on the way out to the UAE’s East Coast, or a great place to spend the afternoon with your family, Nasma Central in Suyoh is definitely worth a visit. Cafés based in the shopping centre look out over a landscaped park filled with sports facilities and a star attraction – a manmade hill offering great views from the top.



Al Suhub Rest House

Opened in July, Al Suhub Rest House is perched 580 metres above sea level and is already hugely popular with visitors who have been enjoying great views of Khorfakkan and the cooler weather conditions. The attraction includes a ‘cloud lounge’, fountains and green spaces. You can either drive or walk a 3km mountain path up from the nearby Rafisah Dam.



Shees Park

Located at the top of Wadi Shees, Shees Park is a green spot perfect for picnics, photos and exploring. The park, which gets busy in the winter months, also includes waterfalls, great views and links to a mountain hike down the nearby wadi.



And here’s five more attractions that will be opening soon…


Kalba Waterfront

Kalba is fast becoming a major tourist destination in its own right, with a newly renovated corniche completed just last year. The soon-to-be-completed Kalba Waterfront is designed as a family-friendly community space, with outdoor and indoor shopping and plenty of restaurants. The biggest draw? A superb location, overlooking Khor Kalba and the local mangrove ecosystem.



Naseej District Museum

Announced at the end of 2020, Naseej District is a new creative neighbourhood that is part of the Aljada megacommunity in Muwaileh. The centrepiece of the district is a museum that is focused on design, which promises to be a completely new experience for culture lovers. Details of the new museum – and its architect – remain under wraps but these should be announced before the end of 2021.



Al Kitab Rest House

Located over a thousand metres above sea level, Al Kitab Rest House is one of a number of new projects being built in the mountains behind Kalba. Inspired by Islamic architecture, the rest house will be topped by a distinctive dome and will contain a restaurant, café and playground for children.



Masaar Experience Centre

Scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021, Masaar Experience Centre has been designed to give visitors a fun and engaging experience set in a green and forested park. Located in Al Suyoh, the centre sits in the middle of Masaar, a new masterplanned community that was launched this year, putting healthy and active living at its core.



Sir Bu Nair Island

Located 65 kilometres off the coast of the UAE, Sir Bu Nair is an island with an unspoilt environment and a unique heritage all of its own. Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) is currently working on plans to develop the island into a tourist hub, including hotels, a marina, an activity and education centre and a camping village.



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