This weekend we are celebrating Theatre, Art and Music at Aljada as part of our ongoing #AljadaWeekends. Come and join us for some fantastic performances from a range of acts at the Aljada amphitheatre, participate in instructive experiences or sit back and enjoy some open-air theatre. Throughout the weekend there will also be roaming artists, lots of entertaining activities and of course a wide range of fabulous food at food village and drive-thru destination Zad.


At Aljada this weekend we encourage you to not only watch some of our shows but participate in our theatrical experiences.

SPAA Musical Theatre & Acting Experiences

Duration: 45 minutes
Suitable for ages - 7-18 years old

This weekend, come and meet the Sharjah Performing Arts Academy team at Aljada! Not only do they offer fantastic experiences designed to introduce and inspire the next generation of actors but they are also a great way to build confidence, improvisational skills and encourage teamwork. As Musical Theatre tells a story through more than one discipline, these classes are where acting, singing and dance are all brought together.

The classes are all about exploration, creativity and building the trust needed to work as part of a team to bring a piece of musical theatre to life.

These lessons develop acting skills by devising scenes and creating characters. Some script work will be introduced. The student will be encouraged to explore text, develop characters, use the body as a form of expression and, most importantly for an actor, interact with other members of the group.

Aladdin Family Show

Duration: 15 minutes

This unforgettable folk tale from the Middle East is brought to life before your eyes in an elaborate, fun and entertaining short live show. This short adaptation features dancing and singing from seasoned actors who promise to captivate and entertain the whole family.

Mime Artist

Duration: 30 minutes

Be mesmerised by our wonderful mime artists who combine highly disciplined acting with physical comedy and a natural expressiveness to entertain you without the need for spoken word.


Along with the range of theatrical acts, Aljada will also be alive with the sound of music. We have selected a wide range of performers to ensure there is something for everyone, providing the perfect soundtrack to the weekend.

Global Voices

We are very excited to be welcoming American University of Sharjah’s Choir to Aljada. Arada has a long-standing partnership with the renowned neighbouring educational establishment and we are looking forward to extending this to their Performing Arts Program. The Choir will be performing a number of pieces in our amphitheatre and will also partnering with our resident Beat Box artist, Ray.

SAMA Barbershop Quartet

Duration: 3 sets of 30 minutes

Along with the AUS Choir, we are equally thrilled to be welcoming the SAMA Barbershop Quartet to Aljada. These young men, who have been singing together since 2009, all graduated from American University of Sharjah and have a wide repertoire, including classical singing, choral ensemble performances and – of course – close-harmony melodies.

Beatbox Duo

Duration: 20 minutes

We welcome back our talented resident Beatbox artist Ray for more amazing weekend sessions. This weekend he will be partnering with a variety of talented vocalists including the AUS Choir, which promises to create some unique performances.


Throughout the weekend there will also be a number of art installations and activities to enjoy as you walk around our uniquely landscaped park.

Living Art

Watch out, Aljada is alive with the sights of art! Look out for these colourful creative characters as you explore Aljada and enjoy the performances.


Have your own personal portrait created before your eyes as our inhouse artists create cartoon-like renditions based on your likeness!

Kids Arts & Crafts

This kid’s activity is a wonderful opportunity for any budding young artist. A crafty hands-on art class where students make wonderful things to take home. The objective of the class is to encourage self-expression, creativity and imagination.

Face Painting

Become the art with one of our wonderful face painters. Let them bring out your kid’s imagination as they are transformed into their favourite character! Our face painter uses toxic free and allergy free paints which are suitable for sensitive skins.



Activity Location Thursday 12th March
Beatboxing Ray with Omar Dean Event Space 7:30pm / 8:30pm / 9:30pm

Friday & Saturday

Activity Location Friday 13th March Saturday 14th March
Performing Arts Amphitheatre 3pm / 4pm / 5pm / 5:45pm
Global Voices Amphitheatre 3:30pm / 4:30pm / 5:30pm
Family Show Amphitheatre 6:45pm / 8:15pm / 9:30pm 5:45pm / 8pm / 9:30pm
Mime Artist Skate Park 4:30pm / 6:15pm / 7:45pm 4:30pm / 6:15pm / 7:45pm
SAMA Choir Event Space 6:45pm / 8:15pm / 9:30pm 4:15pm / 6:00pm / 7:15pm / 8:30pm
Beatboxing Ray with Omar Dean Event Space 4:45pm / 7:15pm / 8:45pm 2:45pm / 4:45pm / 7pm / 8:45pm
Living Art Event Space 4pm / 5:30pm / 6:45pm / 8:30pm 4:15pm / 6pm / 7:15pm / 8:30pm
Caricaturist Event Space 3pm-10pm 1pm-10pm
Kids Arts & Crafts Outdoor Space 3pm-10pm 10am-10pm
Face Painters Outdoor Space 3pm-10pm 10am-10pm

*Terms and conditions apply