Come and join us celebrate a day in the life at Aljada with a journey through 8 unique spaces each featuring different experiences. With over 10 fantastic performances ranging from contemporary Bedouin dance through to graffiti artists and Arts & Crafts classes, there is something for everyone at Aljada.

Opening Times

Madar @ Aljada is open from 8am to 10pm daily. During the festive weekend, performance times will vary but we can guarantee during these times there will be something to keep you entertained:

  • Thursday 27 February: 3pm till 10pm
  • Friday 28 February: 3pm till 10pm
  • Saturday 29 February: 10am till 10pm

Artists, Performers & Activities

Bedouin Wonders

A stunning contemporary showcase as the Bedouin Wanderer discovers the beauty and nature of the desert lands. Watch as he embarks on his journey discovering the creatures of the desert, sky and sands.

Skate & Rollerblade Show

Watch as these daring skaters take their boards, boots and bodies to the limit in highly choreographed exhibition. Just don’t try this at home!

B-Boy battle

These talented breakdancers are full of energy and know how to get a crowd started! Watch as dancers unveil their superhuman moves in a dance battle against each other

Oud & Beatboxer

Our talented duo offer a modern twist to the traditional Middle Eastern sounds of the Oud which are perfectly accompanied with our Beatboxer and his loop station. The loop station allows our musician to record sounds which are layered upon each other offering a unique sound every time.

Bafoory - Emirati Rock Artist

Friday & Saturday Only

Bafoory is the UAE’s very first Emirati Rock Artist. He is a passionate musician who can play guitar, piano, bass & drums. Not only that, he is also a multilingual singer who sings in Arabic, English & Hindi. He has performed in a number of major events across the UAE including Mother of the Nation, TedX Youth & Sharjah AlQarayen.

Family Free Activities

Around the spaces you will find a range of interactive and fun activities to participate in and create memorable moments. Activities include:

  • Caricaturist: Have a personalised portrait created with a unique twist guaranteed to bring out the funny side in you.
  • Kids arts & crafts: Play, create and inspire with a wide range of materials and let your inner artist out.
  • Face painters: Become the art with one of our wonderful face painters.


Activity Location Thrusday 27th Friday 28th Saturday 29th
Dance Show Amphitheatre 5:45pm / 8pm / 9:30pm 5:45pm / 8pm / 9:45pm 1:45pm / 4pm / 6:30pm / 9:45pm
Skateboard & Roller Skater Skate park 4:30pm / 6:30pm / 9pm 5pm / 7pm / 9pm 1:30pm / 4:15pm / 7:15pm / 9:30pm
Breakdancers Roaming 4pm / 6pm / 8:30pm 4:30pm / 6:30pm / 8:45pm 3pm / 5:30pm / 8:15pm / 9:15pm
Bubble Performer Roaming
4pm / 6pm / 7:20pm 2:30pm / 5pm / 7:45pm / 8:45pm
Emirati Rock Musician Event space
5pm / 7pm / 9:15pm 1pm / 3:15pm / 5:45pm / 8:30pm
Beatbox & Oud Event space 5pm / 7pm / 8.15pm 3:20pm / 5:15pm / 8:15pm 2pm / 4:30pm / 6:45pm / 9:15pm
Graffiti Artist Event space
3pm-10pm 1pm-10pm
Caricaturist Event space 3pm-10pm 3pm-10pm 1pm-10pm
Kids Arts & Crafts Event space
3pm-10pm 10am-10pm
Face Painters Event space 3pm-10pm 3pm-10pm 10am-10pm

*Terms and conditions apply