the central hub

Let life become an adventure. If you’re looking for excitement, then we have everything you need at Aljada. Looking for a place to inspire your children? Want to try out a new form of sport? Or do you just feel like catching the latest show?

There’s all of this and more at the Central Hub. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the Central Hub is a new leisure and entertainment destination for the UAE. Packed with 10 exciting attractions, as well as wide green spaces, it’s a place where you and your family can enjoy a journey of discovery and live life to the full. Sip a coffee while chatting to friends alongside the spectacular fountain display that anchors the Central Hub. Explore the galleries and cinemas, and watch your children enjoy the largest adventure and discovery complex in the Northern Emirates. Or just take your time to wander through the district, taking in art displays, catching a bite to eat or browsing through local shops.

Complete with inspiring architecture and amazing dining options, the Central Hub truly is the beating heart of the city. And our year-round calendar of activities and events means there’s always something new to discover at Aljada.