If shopping is your passion, we’ve got you covered at Aljada.

Take a walk through the Central Hub, located right in the middle of the development, and you’ll find a range of outlets. Looking for the latest trends? Want to check out for the latest bargains? At Aljada, you’ll find the brands you recognise, as well as a whole host of other outlets you won’t. And, of course, there are plenty of places to relax with a quiet cup of coffee or a bite to eat as you contemplate your next move.

But your shopping experience doesn’t begin and end in the Central Hub. With more than four kilometres of tree-lined boulevards, with shops lining the streets, you’ll never have far to go to find your latest must-have item.

For your everyday needs, there’s a wide array of shops and service points dotted across the city. So whether you’re a window shopper or a big spender, there’s always something to suit your budget at Aljada.